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Central heating is something that most homes rely on for warmth and comfort. It is affordable and has replaced the days of a solitary fire in the home that left other rooms cold and damp. The only drawback to central heating was the bulky, unattractive radiator that you had to place in each room. You also had to find radiators to fit all the different rooms and place them in the best spot for providing warmth, no matter how inconvenient this might be to your interior design. In recent years, designer radiators have become available to complement all homes and rooms, no matter what their size or shape.

Designer radiators use the latest technology to provide warmth whilst being cost effective, stylish, efficient and adaptable to all situations. One of the most popular designer radiators is heated towel rails. These can be purchased in any size or shape, to complement all décor styles and provide heat. Gone are the days when you had to drape damp towels over a radiator to dry, as a towel rail will keep your towels dry, warm and looking good.

Occasionally, a room in the home is so small that a traditional radiator just will not fit. Rather than endure a cold room, you can now purchase alternative styles of radiator. It is now possible to buy a tall radiator to fit against a wall or in a corner where it will be seen as an attractive feature rather than something that is an obstruction. Storage rooms or walk in wardrobes can sometimes pose the same problem as they are an irregular shape and fairly small. Designer radiators are made to suit your rooms rather than the other way around.

Designer radiators have other compelling features such as concealed brackets and connections which will make them into a feature rather than having unsightly pipe work and brackets on display. Many will also incorporate integrated sensors which will keep the temperature in the room adjusted to provide maximum comfort.

You can purchase designer radiators to complement any style of décor, with the radiators being available in many materials and colours. Stainless steel radiators complement contemporary design with a minimalist feel, which are also easy to care for, keeping their attractive appearance. For anyone who loves an older style to suit a house from the Victorian era, you can now have a period style radiator with the benefit of modern design and operation. Many radiators are suitable for painting in any choice of colour, to complete a room makeover.

Here at Wickes we have designer radiators and towel rails to suit all style, sizes and shapes of rooms, whether in the home or at the office. Designer radiators will increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers if you are thinking of selling, whilst being aesthetically pleasing to the occupants of the home. Selecting a reputable supplier will enable you to choose the radiators that will best complement your home, whilst paying affordable prices.

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Designer Radiators

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This article was published on 2010/11/20